Impressions instructions

For the shell to fit perfectly in your ear, providing both comfort & control, you also need to get your ear impressions done.

You can take care of this quickly while visiting the audiologist or you can contact us and make an appointment.

If you will decide to have them done by your audiologist download the guideline below and take it with you.

It will help him have a better understanding of what we need in order to create the best custom In Ear Monitors for you.

The ear canal must be examined for any obstructions or inflammations. If any exist we recommend not to continue with the procedure.

A Byte Block is recommended to have the patient’s jaw open about 2,5 cm while the impression cures. With this method will have a more secure fitment and seal.

To have just the right thing, the impression should be made of silicone material and we recommend one with high viscosity.

Once they’re ready please ship them to us so we can start working on your very own personalized LXEAR Custom In Ear Monitors.

The impressions shipping cost will be supported by you.

Once you have your impressions ready please send them by courier to our address: Cararuia Street number 11, Sector 4, Bucharest, Romania, postal code 041248.

Here are some pictures with accepted impressions