IEMs – Frequent Asked Questions

You can take care of this quickly while visiting the audiologist or you can contact us and make an appointment.

If you will decide to have them done by your audiologist download the guideline available here and take it with you.

Place an order on the website. After you place the order and make the payment you need to get your impressions done and ship them to us. We will wait patiently until the package arrives.

Please also check Impression Instructions and Payment & Delivery sections.

If you are in a hurry you can check the rush charge option when ordering and you’ll have the IEMs build in 3 working days.

Check the User Guide section for all the details.

We offer 1 year warranty for the electronic components an 30 days warranty for the shell if it’s a fitting issue. See more details in the Warranty section.

Make sure you try them on as soon as possible. We have a 30 days refit warranty. You just need to tell us exactly what the issue seems to be, send them over and we will make the adjustments. Depending on the work that needs to be done you will have them back as soon as possible.

You can upload a file (.PNG or .PSD) when you start configuring your model and we’ll try to make it real. We love challenges! If the file you sent doesn’t meet our requirement we’ll try to find a solution together.

Displayed color may vary from the final product.  Every product is unique and custom made and our team is ready to offer you the best option for your IEMs.

The earpieces are for your ears only. That’s why we don’t have a return policy. Take a look at the Warranty details.

Feel free to use the contact form for any other question.