About us

LXear was born in 2016, from the desire to bring the local market of personalized ear monitors to a higher level.

A sound engineer has set up the small workshop that’s grown over the past few years, imposing the famous earphones on the local and international earphone and audio market.

LXear’s custom monitor housings are fabricated exclusevly using 3D PRINTING technology, using top-of-the-line equipment, in the best-equipped 3D local printing hub. Comfort and audio quality are achieved through long-term studies and in-depth mesurements conducted by LXear specialists over the years.

In the production of LXear’s personalized headphones we use premium materials, biocompatible resins and materials made in the USA. The drivers(speakers) used are of the highest quality, made by the world’s leading manufacturer.

3D Printed custom in ear manufacturing tour

Custom In Ear Monitors will support you being at your best while performing, or just enjoying your music.

We know that what you hear is crucial in order to have the best experience and offer the same to your audience.

If you are a professional singer or you’re just taking your first steps into this world, custom IEMs will offer you best sound quality and control, and make your performance exquisite.

Every audiologist will tell you that our ears are very different from the shape to the sound itself. That’s exactly what you’ll get from us – something different.

Using state of the art materials, we design and build from scratch the perfect Custom In Ear Monitors for you. Here’s a sneak peak into our manufacturing process.

We’ll discuss together all the details, as we offer full transparency to our customers. In the end, it’s all about you!

As the earpieces are unique and designed for you ear only, you’ll have the proper isolation from the stage noise, helping you hear exactly what makes you comfortable.

Now it’s time to get yours!

The world's first discrete flexible custom in ear monitor

LXear launched the first flexible discrete in ear monitor in the world.

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Ideal for any application and with their special design, they quickly become an accessory for ordinary day to day use, on stage or on television broadcasting platforms.

Being extremely robust and resistant, virtually indestructible, offering maximum safety and comfort that is far superior to classical monitors, they are always an option even for great artists