Artists using LX-EAR Custom In Ear Monitors

We take great pride in the artists who have chosen LXear CIEMs. Whether you are a vocal singer, bassist, guitarist, drummer or other instrumentalist, you should try using custom in ears. These will provide you with sound insulation, comfort and exceptional audio quality.

Well-known artists use LXear custom in ears that become indispensable, used in conjunction with a powerful in-ear monitoring system. It was love at first listen, whether or not they used control headphones. Those who have tested an LXear in-ear monitoring system know what it is. "This helmet for singers is unique in the details it can play!". It's just one of the confessions of our customers.

Now you can also benefit from the safety offered by a set of professional headphones for monitoring. Whether you use MOON or, why not, the SATURN bestseller, you will get rid of all the problems you have encountered so far. The sound samples will shorten, the fatigue after the concert will disappear, and your hearing will no longer suffer. When you have chosen a molded headset, you have also chosen: you do not make endless sound samples, you do not hear the colleague who insists on "giving up", because he does not have adequate monitoring headphones, etc. If you haven't had a custom headset yet, here's why you need a set.

LESS IS MORE! The first thing you will see after you have CUSTOM IN EAR MONITORS: you will be forced to reduce the volume. This will lead to better control, respectively better representation, as well as a conservation of hearing. You will refrain from using a single in-ear headset, as maximum comfort and rest will only appear if you wear both monitors. A stereo mix in the in-ear wireless system will bring the experience from good to extraordinary. We recommend you ask this to your sound engineer. LX-ear concert headsets will change your perception about monitoring.