LX-EAR | SATURN in ear monitors

Made for the highest performance on stage, SATURN in-ear monitors include 7 SuperBaX drivers and cable, integrated by advanced 3D printing technology.


Custom In Ear Monitors will support you being at your best while performing, or just enjoying your music. We know that what you hear is crucial in order to have the best experience and offer the same to your audience. If you are a professional singer or you’re just taking your first steps into this world, custom IEMs will offer you best sound quality and control, and make your performance exquisite.


Choose the model you want and send us the ear impressions


LXear custom in ear monitors are made using 3D technology and premium materials.


Place your order and enjoy an amazing sound experience

It takes between 4 and 6 weeks to have the monitors ready from the moment we have the payment confirmation and the impressions.

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Prime Audio Reviews
Prime Audio Reviews
The LXear Pluto certainly has a unique presentation for a custom in-ear... It is heavily skewed towards the mid-bass and lower midrange, which is not surprising considering it was developed by a sound engineer who spends a lot of time near or on the stage and at live performances...Pluto at times feels as though it relies more on brute force than nuances or agility with its exuberant thump and saturated character. At other times though, it surprises with its emotive and more delicate side. In terms of build, the Pluto ranks among the best in my collection, thanks to its high-precision 3D-printed shells
Daniel Sabian Lesmana
Daniel Sabian LesmanaTheHeadphoneList.com
Sound-wise, the Pluto is one of the most addictively musical in-ears I’ve heard in recent memory. [...]The monitors feel incredibly smooth in the ear with exceptionally even pressure, and a flawless balance between comfort and isolation. In addition, the Pluto is finished with the same soft, thermally-adaptable lacquer that the Jupiter is made out of. So, within 60 seconds or so, the Jupiter warms up to body temperature and seamlessly blends with the ear for vanishing comfort
Razvan Marcuci
Razvan Marcuci
These in ears are perfect! First of all in sound. They are one of the most flattest and revealing set I’ve ever heard. Everything you need to hear on stage and not only! Can’t wait for the next gig to put these on. Can’t go wrong with these. I really need to mention how professional and nice these guy are. They kept me informed and updated with everything I needed to know! In essence, I really recommend custom in ears because once you go custom you never go back. But but be sure you do it here, at LXear! Best of luck!
Andrey Baydin
Andrey Baydin
Having the most pleasant experience with LX, changed my stage life entirely. Andrei is great to work with and his headphones sound great, allowing you to hear all the detail you want on stage, and they fit perfectly from the first try.